What are the alternatives to SimpleBackups?

Other options exist, we tried them all

Custom backup scripts and cron jobs

Build your own backup scripts, that you'll schedule on your servers. This works (and we have built a guide for this) but it requires maintenance and takes time to setup.

Using another cloud backup service

Some are good, some are less, that's what drove us into building a good service that fits most of the requirements we had and haven't found in others existing solutions.

Using your cloud server provider for server backups/snapshots

Very dangerous ☠️ - we urge you not to choose this one. Don't rely on what your hosting company provides, having all your eggs in the same basket is not an acceptable solution when it comes to backups.

Why NOT choose custom backup scripts and cron jobs and choose SimpleBackups instead?

The problem with custom scripts is that there are many failure points and a lot of components of the script can go wrong.

For example:

  • if you forget to update your database credentials in your script after you change them,
  • or if your remote storage API or credentials change for any reason,
  • or if you don't have enough disk space,
then ANY of these cases WILL break your script and backups won't be taken completely.

→ The main problem is that in many cases you won't even be notified unless you have also added backup notifications to your script which is another story by itself and will also need you to maintain the integration of the notification tool or email.

Why NOT choose another cloud backup service and choose SimpleBackups instead?

  • We have seen some tools store your raw backups on their servers temporarily, we didn't like this for obvious reasons (SimpleBackups dumps your backups using your own server and on your own server before it transmits the backup directly to your own storage)
  • Sometimes they’re ugly and tough to set up (too many forms, buttons and text fields) - we tried some in the past and wished they worked
  • May limit their useful features based on your pricing plan - we disliked this one and decided to give all users all features
  • May install proprietary tools to perform and upload backups, SimpleBackups uses a single open-source tool and this is it
  • May only store a snapshot of your server and not all individual files, folders and databases
  • Do not provide clear information about how your credentials are handled
  • Do not support enough cloud storage services
  • Do not attempt to predict errors before they happen (partially operational, launching fully soon)
  • Do not save you time by testing your backups (coming soon)

Why NOT choose cloud server provider snapshots and choose SimpleBackups instead?

In fact, for this one, we recommend that you actually have both, your own database and file backups in addition to snapshots from your web host. This is called a virtual machine snapshot.

All server providers offer automated backups of your entire server for a fee, but what happens when you delete your server by mistake? Or if some files were deleted by mistake from your site?

Certainly you are not going to restore your entire server snapshot just to get the files back.

Additionally, server snapshots do not really back up your database (unless it's on the same server, but to restore a database you will need to restore the entire server snapshot on a new instance) and won't allow an individual database restore.
You can only restore snapshots of the entire server, not individual files.

What our users say about us

I did not want to install extra packages on my servers to do backups or sync to other cloud services (...). I tested SimpleBackups and ... bam it just works!

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