# Teams & Projects

We've built SimpleBackups in a way that resource access management is the most flexibly possible.

We wanted to address 3 main use cases:

  1. You're part of a company and want to share access to your colleagues
  2. You're working with multiple companies and want to access resources from each without needing a separate account
  3. You want to provide access to certain resources to certain people on your team

All of the above are possible and to do that you'll need to understand how Teams and Projects work.

# Teams

Good to know

  • A User is always bound to a team. When you first create your account a default team is assigned to you.
  • You can invite as many Team Members as you want, and join as many Teams as you want (based on your plan).
  • A backup (but also storage and servers) is always bound to a Team and cannot be shared across multiple Teams.

# Inviting a Team Member

To invite someone to your team:

  • Go to "Team Settings" in the menu
  • Click on "Membership"
  • Fill in the invite form with the email and the role of the person you want to invite

Invite Team Member to SimpleBackups

Roles are used when you start using Projects and are described in the below section.

# How to switch Team?

  • Click on the Team you want to switch to, right from the menu.

Switch Team

# How does subscription works with Teams?

A Subscription is always bound to a Team. Meaning you'll need a subscription for each team you're part of.

# Projects

A Project can be used to give access to certain resources to certain team members only. This comes in handy when you want to share access to some resources with your customers, or the other way around when a customer wants to give you access to some resources.

A resource (backup, storage, server) is always bound to a Team and so does a User. With the introduction of Project, you can define who has access to what resources from within your Team.

Project will inherit roles from the User, meaning a user with an "Editor" role will be able to edit and create resources in all Project is part of.

# How to deal with Projects

Good to know

  • A Team Member not assigned to any project, will have access to them all

To manage Projects, you'll need to be an "administrator" or the "team owner".

From there you can create and edit Projects.

A Project is defined by:

  • A name
  • The Team Members who have access to it
  • The resources (Backup, Snapshots, Connected Providers, Storage, Servers ) that are accessible from when part of the Project

# Roles

  • Administrator: can create & manage projects within a Team
  • Editor: can create resources
  • Viewer: can view resources
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