# Restore a File Backup

This is a quick example of how to restore an example directory: /var/www on your server.

# Step 1

Create a file backup for /var/www (as an example).

# Step 2a

Go to your backup page, then select the "Logs" tab. Afterwards, click the little "( i )" on the right next to the copy you want to download.

Download Backup

# Step 2b

Under the backup restore section on the modal that just popped up, click on "Click to generate a signed download link" then copy the resulting link

# Step 3

On your server, run the following command, and use the signed download link you obtained in the previous step (ensure you enclose it in double quotes as shown):

wget "PasteTheSignedDownloadLinkHereBetweenTheQuotes" -O "backup.tar.gz"

# Step 4

Now that you downloaded the backup on your server, restore it as shown below by running:

tar --overwrite -xvf backup.tar.gz --directory /var/www

Note: this will overwrite your /var/www directory by the one in the backup archive. It is a good practice to extract the backup in a temp folder first and inspect it.

If you need any help in any of these steps, let us know and we can help you with the restore.

Last Updated: 3/13/2022, 8:24:12 AM