# Advanced server connection

# One-command setup (rapid server setup)

When you use the "one-command setup" to connect your server to SimpleBackups, you have the option to run in in three ways, unattended mode, preset unattended mode, and interactive mode.

Head over to https://my.simplebackups.com/server/create to obtain the full command with the correct token.

# 1. Unattended mode

This mode does not request any inputs from the user. It automatically discovers all the needed values like the SSH host, port, home directory, and server or hostname.


bash -c "$(curl -sSL 'https://my.simplebackups.io/api/connect?api_token=XXXX')"
  • Useful when you want to use the command in your recipes and server provisioning scripts
  • and when you don't have custom/specific values you want to use for your server's port, host, etc...

# 2. Preset unattended mode

Identical to the unattended mode, but allows you to override all values if needed. You have the option to add any of the following lines before you run the command to pre-define the value you need.

# (optional) the SSH user
export SB_SSH_USER="ubuntu"

# (optional) the SSH IP address/host
export SB_SERVER_HOST=""

# (optional) the SSH port if not 22
export SB_SSH_PORT="22"

# (optional) how your server appears on SimpleBackups dashboard
export SB_SERVER_NAME="App Server"

# (optional) a directory accessible by the SSH user, used by SimpleBackups
export SB_SERVER_OPS_DIR="/home/user"

# (optional) if you need to use an RSA key, set it to "rsa", otherwise leave on "auto" 
export SB_SSH_KEY="auto" 
bash -c "$(curl -sSL 'https://my.simplebackups.io/api/connect?api_token=XXXX')"
  • Useful when you want to use the command in your recipes and server provisioning scripts, but still pre-define certain values
  • Useful for non-standard SSH connections with custom ports, or servers behind gateways

# 3. Interactive mode

In this mode, you will be asked interactively to provide values for your SSH user, port, host and so on. You can just skip certain questions and the command will automatically discover these values for you.

bash -c "$(curl -sSL 'https://my.simplebackups.io/api/connect?api_token=XXXX')" -s interact
  • Useful when you want to type in every value yourself and set it to what you know will work

# Misc Resources

A few other ideas and things you can do with SimpleBackups related to servers.

# Back up DigitalOcean Spaces to another storage

DigitalOcean Spaces, cannot be accessed like any other server but you can still backups its content!

Backup DigitalOcean Spaces (opens new window) :::

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