# Plans

You can find information about all of our plans on our website on the picing page (opens new window).

# What can you do during your Trial?

Our trial includes all features available in the "Agency Plan" for a limited period of time.

When your trial ends...

When your trial ends and no subscription is added to your account, we automatically switch you to the free plan. If you're using some premium features at that moment, the concerned backups will be paused.

# What can you do on the Free plan?

Our free plan is designed for users with minimal requirements, needing to backup one non-critical application.

✅ 1 Backup job (either 1 File/Database Backup, or 1 Snapshot or 1 Cloud Sync)
✅ Allowed schedule: Daily
✅ Allowed retention policy: 1 to 3 (number of backups you can keep)

The Free plan won’t be suitable if you need:

❌ More than 1 backup
❌ SimpleStorage quota (the free plan allows you to store data on your own storage only)
❌ Custom Schedules (hourly, at a certain time of the day, based on your time-zone …)
❌ To keep more than 3 backup archives
❌ A serverless backup (backup running on our infrastructure)
❌ To back up remote database (RDS, Managed Database…)
❌ Advanced backup options like “Backing up all databases at once”, “Incremental Backups”, “API & Backups Triggers”, “Backup Streaming”, “Uncompressed Backups” …

You can see the list of premium features in the app together with 🔓icon.

You’ll also find plan suggestions based on your usage, and usage detail right from your account page.

Last Updated: 9/23/2022, 4:15:20 PM