# Store backups on Google Cloud Storage

Store your websites and databases backups on Google Cloud Storage in just a few clicks.

Let's view together how to store your website or database backups on your Google Cloud Platform Storage (opens new window).

# Requirements

To get started make sure you have a Google Cloud Storage (opens new window) setup.
While creating your Google Cloud Storage, make sure yo write down your "Bucket name", "Region".
Head to your account and go to the "API" section (left menu).


# Configure your "Google Cloud Storage" storage

Now let's simply head to your SimpleBackups account, and go to the "Create Storage (opens new window)" section.

Select "Google Cloud Storage" in the storage options.
And fill in the setting form with the information you've copied from your Google Cloud Storage account.

To finalize the storage creation define the name you want to use (we usually use the bucket name here too).

And that's it, your Google Cloud Storage will now be available as a new storage.

Last Updated: 9/23/2022, 4:15:20 PM