Files & directories backups, for all your websites

Backup files and directories the simple way by using our backup wizard.

Define which files and folders you want to include or exclude in your backup.
SimpleBackups allows you to create incremental backups as well as stream your backups, ignore symlinks and prevent any file access error in the backup process.

Download your backups locally, or restore them on your server using our one line command.

Add your first website backup

Optimized file backup

We are constantly improving the backup process performance to provide the best backup speed for the least resource usage possible.

Incremental backups

Save storage, save time, save money. For large project that's how backup should be done.

Don't include symlinks if not needed

In some cases you might want to avoid to backup symlinks, just check this option to get this handled.

Stream backups to your storage

Optimize your server resources, by streaming your backups to your storage, you'll only need a few mega bytes of free space no matter what the size of your backup is.