SimpleStorage - Cloud Backup Storage

Our goal is to make sure our users do not have any excuses not to move forward with setting up their backups. That's why we offer all the main cloud storage providers and even a free storage quota included with all paid plans.

What is SimpleStorage?

SimpleStorage is our backup storage solution included in all our paid plan. You can store any of your backups in SimpleStorage, like you'd be able to do it on any other provider (DigitalOcean, AWS S3, Google, Dropbox, Wasabi, Filebase, Backblaze...).

How much storage is included in my plan?

The storage included depends on your plan:

  • Free: no SimpleStorage included (bring your own preferred storage, all providers supported)
  • Standard: 50 GB
  • Pro: 50 GB
  • WebHost: custom (we set based on your needs)

Find more about this on our pricing page.

Where is my data stored?

SimpleStorage leverage AWS S3 behind the scene, so your data will be hosted on Amazon data centers (you have the choice between the US and Europe for where to store your backups).

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