Automate Cloud Storage Backups in 2 minutes.
Sync your cloud storage across different providers.

Secure your most precious data by automating replication of your buckets to another storage.

Automate your backups

Cross provider bucket & storage replication

Global backup strategy

Pair server snapshots, with file backups, database backups and bucket sync via SimpleBackups for a bulletproof backup strategy

No maintenance required

We make sure your backups runs. If something needs your attention, we'll let you know.

Save a ton of time

Forget about Bash scripts and individual backups. Add your backups, choose your preferred storage, and you’re good to go!

Cross cloud providers

We support all major cloud providers as well as any S3 compatible storage.

Integrations, notifications, ...

Be notified (on Slack, Discord, via webhook and more) when a sync occurred, and trigger a sync right from your app using our hooks and much more!

Here's how Cloud Storage Sync works

1. Select your source bucket

Connect your storage provider, and select your the bucket and the path(s) you want to sync.

2. Select your destination bucket

Select the bucket from any provider, and define where to store the bucket replication.

3. Schedule & relax

Choose when the sync has to run and we'll take care of the rest.

Cross Provider storage replication

Keep a decentralised copy of your Buckets and storage

Dropbox sync


Dropbox Storage
Amazon S3 bucket sync

Amazon (AWS)

Google Cloud Storage bucket sync


Google Cloud Storage
Backblaze B2 bucket sync


Backblaze B2
Digitalocean Spaces bucket sync


DigitalOcean Spaces
Wasabi bucket sync


Object Storage
Filebase bucket sync


Managed Object Storage
Microsoft Azure bucket sync

Microsoft Azure

Azure Blob Storage
Exoscale bucket sync


Object Storage
UpCloud bucket sync


Object Storage

The simplest products are almost always the best, and this epitomises that. I highly recommend the team working on SimpleBackups.

Will- Sidekick Digital

I did not want to install extra packages on my servers to do backups or sync to other cloud services (...). I tested SimpleBackups and ... bam it just works!

Chris Soriano- Clever Talks

We’ve been using SimpleBackups with great success! Support is incredible and the service helps us automate the backup process for our server infrastructure. Highly recommended!

Josh- PrimeDemand

SimpleBackups, as the name implies, is an excellent service that makes it very simple for you to automate your cloud storage backups. Easy to use, caring customer service. I would absolutely recommend it.

Mikko Raasina- CEO at Affordia Oy

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