Why we built SimpleBackups?

People should spend less time configuring backups and have reliable tools available.

Backups Are Crucial.

We know how crucial it is to continuously have backups of everything we build for ourselves and our clients. Sometimes it is priceless to revert back to an earlier version of the database or restore deleted files.

Centralized Backups Management

We relied on different ways in the past to back up our applications and websites that range from WordPress plugins to Laravel packages to custom backup scripts we built in-house to server snapshots. Every project had its own backup method and backups were disorganized. We wanted to find a way to save time and avoid having to set up backups for every single project and make sure they are working from time to time.


We needed a solution that we can trust for ourselves and our clients backups.


We wanted a solution that is "SIMPLE" - as few buttons, forms, and steps as possible.


We wanted a solution that works every time without having to reinstall it or update it every now and then.

If you fall in one of these buckets, you are the reason we have created SimpleBackups:

What our users say about us

I did not want to install extra packages on my servers to do backups or sync to other cloud services (...). I tested SimpleBackups and ... bam it just works!

Chris Soriano- Clever Talks

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