# DigitalOcean managed PostgreSQL database backup guide

You can use SimpleBackups to easily back up your DigitalOcean PostgreSQL Mangaged databases.

You will need to:

  • Obtain the database credentials and the endpoint (hostname)
  • Allow SimpleBackups to connect to your DigitalOcean managed PostgreSQL database

# Step 1.

Obtain the database credentials and the endpoint (hostname)

# Step 2.

To do this, you can either add your server to SimpleBackups assuming that your server is whitelisted and can connect to your database instance, or you can use one use our Database Backup Server which in this case will allow you to back up your database without adding your own server.

If you decide to use the Remote Database Backup Server, you can add it by going to the servers page on your dashboard and clicking "Enable Remote Database Backups".

Once the server is added you will need to grant it access to your DigitalOcean MySQL database.

# Step 3. Grant SimpleBackups access to your Managed Database (for Remote Database Backup method)

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Last Updated: 9/23/2022, 4:15:20 PM