Elevating Our Commitment: SimpleBackups Earns ISO Certification

SimpleBackups founder

Islam Essam

Co-founder, SimpleBackups

December 4, 2023

Today, we are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards providing the utmost security and quality in our services: we have officially been awarded ISO certifications! This achievement marks a pivotal moment for us and reinforces our commitment to delivering the best possible service to our customers.

What are ISO Certifications?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) sets global standards across various industries to ensure quality, safety, efficiency, and reliability. Being ISO certified means that SimpleBackups has met rigorous international standards in these areas, particularly focusing on information security management (ISO 27001).

How This Benefits Our Customers

  • Enhanced Trust and Credibility: Our ISO certifications are a testament to our dedication to security and quality. Customers can trust that their data is handled with the highest standards of security and privacy.
  • Improved Quality and Efficiency: The process of obtaining ISO certifications involved streamlining our operations and enhancing our quality management systems. This means more efficient, reliable, and consistent service for our customers.
  • Commitment to Continuous Improvement: ISO standards require ongoing evaluation and improvement. Our customers can rest assured knowing that we are continually enhancing our processes and services.
  • Global Recognition: ISO certifications are recognized worldwide. This global acknowledgment assures our customers that SimpleBackups adheres to the highest international standards.

Our Journey to ISO Certification

Achieving these certifications was not completed overnight. It involved a comprehensive audit of our processes, systems, and management practices. Our team worked diligently to ensure that every aspect of our service met the stringent criteria set by the ISO. This journey has not only improved our operations but also our team's expertise and dedication to excellence.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate this achievement, we look forward to leveraging this certification to further improve and innovate. Our commitment to security, quality, and excellence remains stronger than ever, and we are excited to continue offering services that our customers can rely on, knowing they are backed by the highest standards.


In conclusion, the ISO certifications mark a new chapter for SimpleBackups, one where we continue to build trust, improve our services, and offer the best to our customers. We are proud of this accomplishment and are eager to demonstrate the enhanced level of service that comes with it.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Your trust and support motivate us to keep pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve.

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