Filebase integration with SimpleBackups and the Blockchain

SimpleBackups founder

Laurent Lemaire

Co-founder, SimpleBackups

July 1st, 2020

SimpleBackups is an all-in-one website and database backups solution that stores your backups on your preferred cloud storage.

Filebase provides S3-compatible object storage thatโ€™s encrypted and geo-redundant. Backed by blockchain technology, no fees for ingress or API requests.

We have been working on getting Filebase integrated with SimpleBackups as a storage provider for your websites and databases backups.

Below, we will describe how to get your Filebase Blockchain bucket connected to SimpleBackups in just 3 simple steps.


Make sure to have your SimpleBackups and a Filebase account ready.

Create your Filebase Blockchain Bucket

  • Sign in to your Filebase account

  • Once logged in, click on "Create bucket"

    Filebase Bucket creation form

  • Define a name for your bucket

    Filebase bucket creation confirmation, including bucket region  and name

Information you'll need later:

  • Your "Bucket" name, in this case "myacme-bucket"
  • Your "Bucket" Region, in this case "us-east-1"

Retrieve your Bucket credentials

With the bucket created we can now get the credentials required to connect it to SimpleBackups.

Filebase bucket credentials

Information you'll need later:

  • Access Key
  • Secret

Connect your Bucket to SimpleBackups

  • Log into SimpleBackups and head to the connect your storage page
  • In the storage providers list select "Filebase", and fill in the form with the information from previous steps

Connect Filebase bucket to SimpleBackups

You should enter your:

  • Key: Access Key described above
  • Secret: Secret described above
  • Region: Region described above
  • Bucket: Bucket name described above
  • Give your storage a name (the bucket name is usually a good pick, but you can be creative) and click on "Save new storage".

And your storage is now connected!

Storage list with newly created Filebase storage

Now that your storage is configured you can start automating your websites and databases backups directly and have them securely stored on your Filebase Blockchain bucket!

If you need more information on how to configure your backups, you'll find helpful articles on SimpleBackups website.

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