How to backup MySQL to Leviia

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Last update on October 18, 2023
Originally posted on April 14, 2023

Let's explore a simple way to schedule backups for MySQL and store them on Leviia using SimpleBackups.

Levia Object Storage is a 100% French 🇫🇷 solution that combines speed and simplicity to securely store your data.

Storing your data on Levia Object Storage is a great way to ensure that your data is always available and secure outside of any GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft) control and conform to the GDPR.


  • Set up a SimpleBackups account with one of our paid plans.
  • Have a Leviia account with a created bucket.
  • Ensure your server is connected to your account (the one hosting your MySQL database).

Create your MySQL backup

To begin, you should first schedule your backup by visiting the following link:

On this page, you will have the option to configure the data that you wish to backup (in this case, MySQL), where you would like it to be stored (in your Leviia account), and how frequently you would like the backups to occur.

It is important to note that this section will remain the same regardless of which storage option you choose. The benefit of this is that if you decide to switch storage providers (such as Leviia, Backblaze or AWS), all you need to do is select your new provider from the list and you will be ready to proceed.

What do you want to back up?

  • Choose "Database" (in this article, we're only creating a backup of MySQL)

  • Choose the server where your database is hosted

    What would you like to select

Select the Database to Back Up

  • Choose the type of database you are using, in this case "MySQL"

  • Complete the database connection form

  • Click on Validate Connection

Finalize and create

  • Choose a name for your backup (this is how it will be displayed in the SimpleBackups interface) and select a storage location.

  • Set your retention and Schedule

  • Choose Remote Storage, add Leviia as a provider,

  • Fill in your Leviia provider token, if you're unfamiliar with how you can retrieve this token please read this article

  • Click "Create Backup"

That's it! Your MySQL backup is now ready and connected to Leviia. Run it manually once (using the "Run" backup button from the backups list) and you'll trigger your first backup!

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