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Laurent Lemaire

Co-founder, SimpleBackups

January 11, 2022

So far it was possible to share access to your team account by adding members to it.

This works great when you need to provide access to your account to different people from your company, but until today it wasn't possible to restrict the access to certain resources to a selected group of users.

It's now easy to create "projects" which can contains any number of backups or snapshots and share them with a group of defined users.

"How can I give access to the backups of my customer.. to my customer?"

That's a question we've often been asked, and it's now easy to do.

You'll first need to invite a user to join your team, nothing new here, you can do it from the team management page like you're used to.

As a team owner, you now can also create what we call "Projects".

A Project is a simple entity allowing you to group resources under its belt, and providing view access to these resources to a selected group of team members.

With this in place you can easily organise you backups under projects for each of your customers and provide them with a view access to their backup.

group backups per project

Digging further

- A Team member not assigned to any project will have access to ALL resources, across all projects

- Only the team owner can create projects and assign users to it

- In our first release, project member only have a view access to the resources they can see

Note that this is a first version of our "project" feature and it will be improved over the coming weeks.

Looking forward to get your feedback on this new feature!

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