Our Experience at the Cyber Show Paris 2024

SimpleBackups founder

Laurent Lemaire

Co-founder, SimpleBackups

June 4, 2024

Last week, SimpleBackups had the exciting opportunity to attend the Cyber Show in Paris 2024, a premier event in the cybersecurity industry.

While we didn’t know much about what to expect (it was the first edition of this event), it provided us with a platform to showcase our solutions, engage with fellow entrepreneurs, security auditors, and regulators, and explore the latest trends in the cyber landscape.

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So what was the Cyber Show Paris 2024 about?

The event took place over two days and hosted more than 100 companies active in the cybersecurity industry.

The show was organized around booths for startups, SMEs, and larger companies, with some conference rooms and spaces dedicated to one-on-one meetings.

The companies present ranged from big players like Airbus, Orange, and GitLab to providers like OVH Cloud and insure-tech companies like Stoik. Many companies specialized in security auditing and tech solutions in the cybersecurity scene were also present.

When it came to the conferences, there were many: some featuring government representatives and key industry players like NumSpot, OVH Cloud, Bleu, Outscale, and others discussing the new French and European regulations (NIS 2 & DORA) and their impact on businesses.

There were also very interesting smaller talks about major hacks of the past decades, how they happened, and how to prevent them, as well as discussions about specific technologies and behaviours in cybersecurity.

Although we didn't get the chance to give a talk this year, we didn't need to advocate for the importance of backups. They were systematically mentioned in discussions about common security behaviors and methodologies, as well as official obligations and auditing.

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Our Main Takeaways

The event featured several noteworthy conferences that provided deep insights into the current state and future of cybersecurity. Some of the key topics discussed included:

  • European regulations with NIS 2 and DORA
  • The move from sovereign players offering alternatives to GAFAM
  • Lots of exciting companies and technologies

It was also a moment to meet face-to-face with companies we’re working with, like Outscale, OVH, NumCloud, and GitLab, strengthening our partnerships and seeing people in real life, which I have to say is something I’ve been missing.

On top of that, it was an intense team event. Between the last-minute preparations and the busy days pitching SimpleBackups, we had time to enjoy a few drinks in beautiful (yet rainy) Paris and discuss our next moves!

We don’t necessarily expect many business deals to be generated from this show, but we felt the impact of pitching SimpleBackups to many and stepping back from the day-to-day tasks of running the operational aspects of the business.
We met some great entrepreneurs, facing the same challenges in growing a product that serves many, each on their own niche, but all trying to make a positive change in the industry.
Learning from them and discussing ideas, led to an even stronger motivation to move further, keep learning, and grow SimpleBackups.

We’re not yet sure which show will be next, but I’m already looking forward to it!

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