September 2022: Recipe, one-click DbaaS support, and xxxl databases!

SimpleBackups founder

Laurent Lemaire

Co-founder, SimpleBackups

October 7, 2022

Another busy month for the team at SimpleBackups!

We’re proud to finally deliver our “Recipe Backup”, which will unleash an even broader spectrum of backups, as well as a lot of product improvements and support for (much) larger backups.

All of that together with some major performance boost and UI improvements.

Let’s dive into it.

Backup no-code and cloud services, with backup recipes!

Backup Recipe is now live with the first integration to Knack!

So what do we call “recipe”?

Pretty simple. You’re probably (70% of businesses are) using SaaS. Whether it is via an online database like Knack or Airtable, a versioning system like GitHub, or a workspace service like Notion.

Same as your database, or server files, you’ll want to backup this data and well… now you can.

We’ve released the support to Knack backup, and will soon release many others. Make sure to let us know the one you’d want us to prioritize.

More, more, more: Support for (very) large MySQL databases

You can now backup databases with a size of several terabytes!
Conventional backup methods are not optimized to work for very large databases and we’ve closed that gap.

Just check the “Large Database” option and optimized, parallel dump will be enabled.

Back up DBaaS/Managed Databases got even easier

Next time you’ll back up a managed database, it will be even easier than it was so far.

You can now directly connect your provider account and select the database you want to back up without having to figure out the credentials.

Tweaks & Improvements

  • Support for password-less MySQL database
  • Use your TLS/SSL certificate for database backups
  • One-click PostgreSQL backup restore method
  • One-click MongoDB backup restore method
  • Support for password-less SFTP servers and storage with public key connections

That’s a wrap for this product update!

We have a few partnerships that we’ll soon be proud to announce, but that will be for another article!

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