"Very simple to set up, excellent GUI, and excellent customer service."

We are the 'one-stop digital agency' providing our clients with tailored multi-channels solutions from code development to fully integrated projects to innovative marketing campaigns and leading-edge SEO.

The Digital Project

We are the one-stop boutique agency you need for your digital experiences. We think & execute the right solution to make digital native ideas come true.

Company size



Milan, Italy

How many are in your team?

20 persons. You can find more about our team here.

What is your role and what you focus on

CTO, focus on hosting, infrastructure, and backup/Disaster Recovery.

What kind of projects do you deal with, what tech-stack do you use and what is your infrastructure like?

We build CMS, eCommerce, and portfolio websites.

We also offer hosting in our OVH Cloud environment.

We have a shared infrastructure for smaller sites and dedicated servers for bigger websites.

We use SimpleBackups internally as our files/MySQL backup, we also do VM snapshots and for ultimate protection, we use AWS Cloudendure for disaster recovery.

What are the main benefits SimpleBackups gives you?

Very simple to set up, excellent GUI, and excellent customer service.

We have decentralized backups, using Google Cloud Storage (EU Redundant) for storing our backups.

Alerts also help us to concentrate on other activities rather than watching a monitor all day long.

We plan to use SimpleBackups APIs for our custom dashboard.

Why would you recommend SimpleBackups and for whom?

I recommend SimpleBackups to all sysadmins, developers, webmasters, and DevOps.

This tool gives you plenty of options, strong security (eg encrypted backups), and many storage options.

Also, GUI is pleasant!

Where can we find more about you and your company?

On LinkedIn and on our website thedigitalproject.it.

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