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"It's so convenient to get your backups available on Dropbox, with an automatic sync to your desktop."

Backup websites and databases to Dropbox

Store your backups on your own Dropbox account.
Always get your backups synced with your connected devices, be notified whenever a new backup is created.

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Minimal Dropbox access is needed

When you connect SimpleBackups to your Dropbox account, SimpleBackups is only given access to its own application folder. Meaning that access is only limited to that folder on Dropbox and not your whole storage.

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Backup your servers and databases

File backups

File Backup

MySQL backups

MySQL Backup

Postgres backups

Postgres Backup

MongoDB backups

MongoDB Backup

Redis backups

Redis Backup

Link your Account

One button to link your Dropbox account to SimpleBackups.

Connect your server

Connect the server using our one command method.

Create your backups

Choose which websites, files and databases to backup and be notified when your backup is synced.

What our users say about us

I didn't want a new provider, Dropbox is convenient for my usage. The integration works great.

David- CookingDecks

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