"S3-compatible object storage at a fraction of the price. No upload fees."

By Filebase

Bring your own Filebase Blockchain bucket

Filebase makes things simple. It works with very basic setup and once added to your SimpleBackups account, you can use automatically start to backup files and databases to your Filebase bucket.

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store backups on filebase storage

Encryption for backups at rest

Data stored on Filebase is always encrypted during transit and at rest.

Start with 5 GB for free

You can combine SimpleBackups free plan, with the Filebase free plan to start backing up your data at no cost.

File backups

File Backup

MySQL backups

MySQL Backup

Postgres backups

Postgres Backup

MongoDB backups

MongoDB Backup

Redis backups

Redis Backup

What our users say about us

I love the fact that Filebase is just ridiculously easy to integrate to SimpleBackups. Too few buttons, too few steps, then you are done.

Pierre-Luc Maheux- Kopilot

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