Automated Redis database backups.

Backup your Redis database without scripts.
Connect your database, select a schedule, a storage and let it work in peace.

Automate your Redis backups

Connect your database without code

Connecting your database, is as simple as it can be: copy your connection string/credentials, and you're done.

Bring your own storage

Connect any cloud storage and securely store backups off-site. Use your own storage or included SimpleStorage quota!

No maintenance required

We make sure your backups run. If something needs your attention, we'll let you know.

Built-in backup restore

Restore your backups easily using our built-in backup restore feature.

Security first

Encrypt your backups via AES-256, store them on your server, nothing is stored outside of your infrastructure.

Serverless backups

Use our serverless instances to backup your database without the need of any server.

Built for teams & agencies

Invite your team members, share access and administrate all your backups in one place.

Flexible scheduling

Configure when your backups should run and your retention policies down to 1 minute accuracy.

Advanced notifications

Select when and where to be notified, we support Slack, Email, Discord, Pusher and many more.

Self hosted database
DBaaS (Managed database service)

Automate your Redis backup

Automate your Redis database backups from the conform our a real UI, sprinkling it with speed optimization, notifications, API, security and more.
Automate Redis databases and collections in 3 steps:

  • Select the database you want to back up
  • Choose your storage
  • Set the right schedule!

redis backup without script

Flexible backup schedule

Select when you want your Redis backup to run. Schedule it like a swiss watch, down to the minute with timezone support and total flexibility.

  • Time-zone support
  • Down to 1 minute accuracy
  • Fully flexible
website backup automation

Bring your own storage

Store your Redis backups locally or connect your preferred cloud storage provider.
We support all the major cloud provider including DigitalOcean, AWS and Wasabi but also provide our own cloud storage for even quicker setup.

  • Local storage
  • Connect your own storage account
  • Use your SimpleStorage quota
Dropbox backup
Amazon S3 bucket backup
Google Cloud Storage bucket backup
Backblaze B2 bucket backup
Digitalocean Spaces bucket backup
Wasabi bucket backup
Filebase bucket backup
Microsoft Azure bucket backup
Exoscale bucket backup
UpCloud bucket backup
Google Drive backup
IDrive Drive backup
MinIO backup
Cloudflare R2 backup
SFTP backup

Quick Redis backup recovery

Recover your Redis backups in minutes, and work in peace knowing that your data is completely protected.

mysql backup restore

Your Redis backups on any cloud storage

AWS backup


MongoDB backups
Backblaze backup

Backblaze B2

MongoDB backups
Dropbox backup


MongoDB backups
DigitalOcean Spaces Backup

DigitalOcean Spaces

MongoDB backups
Filebase backup


MongoDB backups
Google Cloud Storage backup

Google Cloud Storage

MongoDB backups
Wasabi backup

Wasabi Storage

MongoDB backups
Azure Blob Storage backup

Azure Blob Storage

MongoDB backups
Exoscale Storage backup

Exoscale Storage

MongoDB backups
Upcloud Storage backup

Upcloud Storage

MongoDB backups
Google Drive backup

Google Drive

MongoDB backups
IDrive e2 backup

IDrive e2

MongoDB backups
IDrive e2 backup


MongoDB backups
Cloudflare r2 backup

Cloudflare R2

MongoDB backups

Not in the list? No worries, we support any S3-Compatible Storage Support (Scaleway, MinIO, Ceph, ...).

4000+ users, back up their preferred stack with us

Backups all your projects no matter the stack you're using.
Our users are using SimpleBackups to backup:

The simplest products are almost always the best, and this epitomises that. I highly recommend the team working on SimpleBackups.

Will- Sidekick Digital

  • DigitalOcean Managed Redis
  • AWS ElastiCache for Redis
  • Aiven for Redis
  • Scalegrid
  • Azure Cache for Redis

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