Automated Snapshots
for all your servers and volumes.

Automate server & volume snapshots and avoid data-loss.
2 minutes setup. No maintenance. Sleep better.

Create your first Snapshot

Automate server & volume snapshot backup.

Automate your server snapshots in 3 simple steps &s sleep better.

1. Connect your account

Connect your preferred IAAS/PAAS account (we support the bests in class).

2. Select your instance

Select the instance/droplet/volume (...) you want to snapshot, simply from a dropdown menu.

3. Schedule & relax

Choose when snapshots have to run and we'll take care of the rest.

Automated server snapshots

Back up servers on auto-pilot with scheduled snapshots:

  • Connect your Provider
  • Select your Server or Volume
  • Configure your snapshot backup schedule!

server snapshot

Flexible backup schedule

Select when you want your MySQL backup to run. Schedule it like a swiss watch, down to the minute with timezone support and total flexibility.

  • Time-zone support
  • Down to 1 minute accuracy
  • Fully flexible
server snapshot automation

Supported Snapshot Providers

Digitalocean Droplet and Volume Snapshots


Droplet and Volume Snapshots
Hetzner Cloud VPS & Volume Snapshots


Cloud VPS Snapshots
Exoscale Server Snapshots


Server Snapshots
Vultr Cloud Compute Snapshots


Cloud Compute Snapshots
UpCloud Cloud Server Snapshots


Storage Snapshots
AWS EC2 Instance Snapshots


EC2 Instance & Volume Snapshots
Scaleway Server & Volume Snapshots


Server & Volume Snapshots

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Automatically take point-in-time snapshots of all your servers

SimpleBackups keeps your backups safe, fresh, and protected on auto-pilot.

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