Use your SFTP server to store your backups.

Store your backups on your SFTP server or/and replicate it to an external storage.

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SFTP storage backup
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Bring your own storage

Store your backups on your own storage. Easily plug or unplug any storage based on your needs. Fully own your data.

Storage replication

Automatically synchronize your buckets and cloud storage across providers.

Security first

Security and privacy are at the core of what we do and we're transparent about what we do!
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Decentralized backup storage

Securing your data goes with decentralized backup storage. Bring your own or use our managed storage.

Trust your backups

Trust that your backups are running properly by leveraging our notifications, reports and backup monitoring features.

Build a strong backup strategy

Combine database and server backups cross-provider, storage replication, server snapshots and built a strong backup plan.

Store your backups on your SFTP server.

Connect SimpleBackups to your SFTP server and define it as a backup destination.
Your backups will be stored on your SFTP server and SimpleBackups we make sure they always run on time.

  • Save your backups to your SFTP server
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store backups on minio

Backup/replicate your SFTP server.

Connect SimpleBackups to your SFTP server and select where you want to replicate it.
You can replicate/synchronize your SFTP server to (and from) any other SFTP server, S3 storage or supported storage providers.

  • Replicate your SFTP server to another storage
  • Replicate any storage to your SFTP server

See all support storage providers
Dropbox backup
Amazon S3 bucket backup
Google Cloud Storage bucket backup
Backblaze B2 bucket backup
Digitalocean Spaces bucket backup
Wasabi bucket backup
Filebase bucket backup
Microsoft Azure bucket backup
Exoscale bucket backup
UpCloud bucket backup
Google Drive backup
IDrive Drive backup
MinIO backup
Cloudflare R2 backup
SFTP backup

Backup all your servers and databases on SFTP

File backups

File Backup

MySQL backups

MySQL Backup

Postgres backups

Postgres Backup

MongoDB backups

MongoDB Backup

Redis backups

Redis Backup