How to Automate Backups in 4 Simple Steps

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Laurent Lemaire

Co-founder, SimpleBackups

August 31, 2023

Imagine this: You’re engrossed in work, managing crucial digital and financial information. But disaster strikes without warning, and you loose all this valuable information to a malware attack or accidental deletion.

The result? Irreversible data loss that is genuinely crippling for businesses and individuals alike. This data represents years of progress, critical documentation, and valuable insight, erased instantly, leaving an irreparable void of opportunities.

Here’s how to automate backups to protect data safe from unforeseen loss or corruption.

Understanding the Importance of Automated Backups

Automated backups involve a preconfigured, scheduled process of duplicating and storing your data in a secure, remote location. These backup files are created at set intervals to minimize downtime. This ensures you protect critical files and sensitive customer information without requiring constant manual intervention.

Manually copying data has become a thing of the past because of their reliance on human intervention. A manual backup is more prone to oversight, inconsistency, and inconvenience as it requires continuous human user input. A few inherent risks involved with manual backups include: 

  • Human Errors: Manual backups rely heavily on human input, which are prone to errors or forgetfulness. A missed backup, skipping specific folders or files, and selecting incorrect backup destinations could result in permanent data loss. You might also corrupt files while copying and transferring data. Corrupt backup files make it impossible to recover all your data because certain files are compromised or incomplete. This disrupts business processes and continuity. 
  • Inconsistent Backup Frequency: Backup frequency might vary depending on the availability of resources like employees, hardware, software, storage capacity, and your backup recovery plan. With manual backups, you may forget about your backup schedule, affecting the integrity and consistency of your data.
  • Resource Drain: Manually copying and transferring files is time and effort-intensive, diverting your focus from more strategic tasks like marketing, brand development, and CSR. They rely entirely on user initiative and tools for backing up, like copying files to an external drive. Neglecting or forgetting to complete any one task can put your database at significant risk for data loss. Furthermore, if your system is already running resource-intensive tasks, backing up data might temporarily halt your system entirely. 

Back-up automation mitigates these risks, paving the way for a smooth workflows. With automated backups, operations run seamlessly in the background. The backup automation tool duplicates your data efficiently and stores it securely without disrupting business activities or processes. 

Besides being time-efficient, an automated backup system ensures your data's security and integrity. Every backup captures the latest version of your files, reducing the risk of data loss due to corruption or system failures. 

By storing backups in secure locations instead of relying on your primary database, you fortify your defenses against accidental mishaps and cyber threats.  

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Automating Backups

When automating backups, several common pitfalls could compromise the integrity and effectiveness of your strategy. Here are some key points to ensure your backup automation process remains reliable:

  • Incorrect Configurations: One of the most common mistakes of backup automation is misconfiguring the process. This involves selecting incorrect files or directories and specifying incorrect backup intervals or backup methods.

    Incorrect configurations can lead to incomplete or useless backups. You must also  plan and verify backup settings before implementation. A few steps you can take to ensure your backups are effective include identifying and prioritizing critical data, implementing backup retention policies outlining duplication frequency and regulations, and defining role-based access to limit authorization.

  • Not Verifying Backups: If you don’t verify your backups frequently, you might discover issues with your backup files when you need them the most. Incorporate verification processes to check the integrity of your backups routinely. This can involve comparing checksums, testing restoration, or running automated scripts to confirm data availability.

  • Failure to Update Backup Settings after Changes: Over time, your data and infrastructure evolve.
    If you add new files or applications, failing to update your backup settings to accommodate these updates could mean leaving critical data unprotected. Examine and update backup configurations regularly, regardless of changes to your database, to ensure they continue meeting your shifting needs. 

  • Relying Solely on One Backup Method. Depending solely on one backup solution is risky. If your backup method fails, you have no other options for recovering your data. 

Common examples of this mistake include relying only on onsite backups without using offsite or cloud backups as well. Or using only one type of backup media rather than a variety for widespread device compatibility. 

A comprehensive backup strategy employs various backup methods, including regular onsite backups, remote backups, and cloud-based solutions. This diverse approach reduces the risk of data loss by spreading your data across different locations. Even if one method fails, there are alternative data recovery options. 

Tools and Resources for Automated Backups

Need effortless data protection? Our handpicked selection allows you to streamline your backup processes effectively and ensure your data's safety.


Price: Free first project. Paid subscription starts from $29/ month. 

SimpleBackups stands true to its name by offering a user-friendly, accessible, and efficient backup automation software solution. They have you covered for all your backup needs - files, databases, or snapshots,

Trusted by developers, agencies, startups, and nonprofits, SimpleBackups makes data protection easy with a user-friendly setup and reliable features beyond automation like incremental backups, data compression, multiple storage options and continuous reporting on backup activities. Our  platform offers different subscription plans with up to 200GB storage capacity  and 200 backup jobs. We also offer an unlimited plan with no data, project or team member limits.  Users have the added flexibility of selecting a third-party storage provider like Dropbox, Wasabi and Google Drive. 

SimpleBackups encrypts all your backup files with 256-bit AES encryption to ensure data is secure from unauthorized access. It also automates backups at pre-configured intervals for up-to-date recovery files protected from data loss. 

SimpleBackups is like a virtual safety net that you can always count on. Learn more about how SimpleBackups can streamline your database management by signing up for a free demo! 


Price: Starts from $7/ month. 

Backblaze is a comprehensive automated backup solution for personal and business users. It offers background backups and automatic real-time synchronization to ensure no data is left unprotected.

The setup process is straightforward; users can define their preferences through its settings panel. Backblaze also takes data security seriously and uses multi-layer encryption to protect your files during transit and rest. Users can select multiple recovery methods, including browser-based file access and physical retrieval. 


Price: Starts from $85/ month. 

Acronis is a versatile backup and recovery software that excels in local and cloud-based backup scenarios. This solution offers a range of backup automation, from full-image backups to file-level backups and disk cloning. Continuous data protection and automatic scheduling help maintain the most up-to-date copies of your data for instant restoration. 


Price: Tailored price plans. 

Geared toward enterprise-level users, Veeam has robust backup and disaster recovery capabilities. With support for virtual and physical environments, this tool offers backup and replication services for data availability and disaster recovery. Automated backup verification and recovery testing ensure the reliability of your backup strategy. 

Aomei Backupper

Price: Free version + Professional plan starts from $39.95/ month. 

Backupper is a comprehensive backup and recovery solution that aims to secure backup data. It allows users to create backups of files, partitions, or entire systems. With flexible features like incremental and differential backups, you can rest assured your data is safe and storage usage is optimized. Backupper also offers system recovery, restoration, and disk cloning options to transfer data seamlessly between drives. 

Conclusion: Taking Control of Your Data

Protecting valuable data has become essential through automated backups. Backups act like, a protective barrier against the lurking threats of data loss. Whether you experience accidental deletion, cyberattacks, or a catastrophe, automatic database backup gives you peace of mind because your data is always protected.  

By leveraging the capabilities of automated backups, you're ensuring the security and integrity of your files. Solutions like SimpleBackup are ideal for people looking for consistency and efficiency without manual intervention.     

So, take action today. Pick a backup strategy that aligns with your requirements and put it into practice. As you navigate managing your databases, remember that automated backups are not just a precaution but a trustworthy companion. They protect your data from adversities like hardware and software failures, data corruption, cyber attacks, power outages, and natural disasters.  

Book a SimpleBackups demo now to explore the platform’s features before committing long-term.

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