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SimpleBackups founder

Laurent Lemaire

Co-founder, SimpleBackups

March 25, 2024

While SimpleBackups is integrating more and more Cloud providers, we're also excited when we can share working European partnership that strengthen over the years!

It's the case of our Upcloud partnership which we're a proud partner for the past 3 years now 🎉.

UpCloud is all about top-notch cloud services that are fast, flexible, and reliable.
They've got 13 data centers scattered around the globe to make sure things run smoothly and quickly for everyone.
UpCloud and SimpleBackups share a common DNA when it comes to prioritizing security — we're both European based and are proud to be ISO 27001 certified, showing our commitment to keeping your data locked down and secure.

Plus, we're all about real, human-based support. No bots or endless loops of automated responses here.
Whether you're with UpCloud or SimpleBackups, you get to deal with real people who are ready to help sort out your issues and make sure you're getting the best experience possible.

Comprehensive Backup Options for UpCloud

SimpleBackups integrates seamlessly with UpCloud to offer a variety of backup solutions tailored to meet your specific needs:

File Backup (Server Backup):
Safeguard your critical data with regular, automated file backups of your entire server.
This ensures that your website, applications, and services remain uninterrupted, even in the face of data loss.

Managed Database Backup (and Self-Hosted):
Whether you're using UpCloud's managed databases or managing your own, SimpleBackups has got you covered.
Our solution offers peace of mind by regularly backing up your databases, so your vital information remains intact and easily recoverable.

Volume / Storage Snapshots:
Capture the state of your storage volumes at any point in time with snapshots.
This is perfect for quick rollbacks and minimizing downtime during upgrades or in the aftermath of data corruption.

Object Storage Backup / Replication (to Other Providers):
Ensure your data's safety by backing up or replicating your object storage across different cloud providers.
This multi-cloud approach enhances data availability and disaster recovery strategies.

Flexibility, Security, and Compliance

With SimpleBackups & UpCloud, the power of choice is in your hands. You can store your backups on any provider, embracing a multi-cloud strategy for enhanced data protection and redundancy.
Our platform is designed with security at its core, featuring robust encryption and compliance with international standards, including ISO certifications.
This commitment to security means you can trust SimpleBackups and UpCloud to protect your most valuable asset: your data.

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