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Store your backups on Leviia

Store your file, database, saas and storage backup to Leviia.


This integration connects your Leviia storage to SimpleBackups.
You'll be able to select your Leviia storage and use it to store your backups.

✅ Store your backups on your own Leviia account
✅ Configure your backups, your retention policy and store as many backups as you need.
✅ Own your backup files and have full control over them.

Store your servers, database, storage and applications backups on Leviia

Once your storage is connected, you can use it to store any of your backups:

[object Object] backup

Server Backup

[object Object] backup

MySQL Backup

[object Object] backup

PostgreSQL Backup

[object Object] backup

MongoDB Backup

[object Object] backup

Redis Backup

[object Object] backup

Storage Backup

[object Object] backup

SaaS App Backup