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SimpleBackups founder

Laurent Lemaire

Co-founder, SimpleBackups

October 13, 2021

During the past 4 years we’ve been working hard building the backup solution, we would have loved to use ourselves, when we ran our own web agency.

Something that started as a database backup tool to help fellow web developers, grew up into what SimpleBackups is today.

To be honest, we initially didn't plan on building this full-featured solution.
But month after month, user after user, we realised that there was a need and a place, for SimpleBackups.

We now have a strong solution for database backups supporting MySQL, but also PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

On top of that we offer file backups, with incremental backups, backup streaming and more awesome features. And finally we implemented snapshot management with a strong integration with the main cloud providers around.

SimpleBackups is mature and here to stay

During that time our product changed a lot. We now proudly support more than 2000 web-developers, larger web agencies and startups.
We're really proud of the work achieved, especially that our roadmap is closely built with the feedback provided by our users, so thanks everyone who has participated in this journey 🙏!

Today we’re making a small step for our users but a big one for us: now becomes and we do so to show our users that we grew up, will continue to grow and that we are not planning on going anywhere.

All previous urls and emails have been migrated to our new domain but old ones will continue to work as well - You can now reach out to me directly at [email protected] 😎.

So... what's next?

We've always prioritised delivering the best experience possible, tight with ta real "boutique startup" experience when it comes to support. This remains our goal and will continue to be the same.
That’s why we’ve hired Andrea, that will help us making sure we're always ahead in term of support!

We have plenty of ideas, our roadmap is filled with things we know you'll like and we're also working on a complementary solution we are looking forward to show you 🚀!

As always, make sure to reach out to us for any inquiry, feedback or just to chat about something we can help you with.

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