Backups for all your projects, the truly
non-boring way.

All the features you need to manage website, database, server, and bucket backups.

Secure your backups

Your projects deserve backups.
You deserve to worry less.

SimpleBackups helps you orchestrate all your projects' backups, period.

No-code setup

Forget about Bash scripts and individual backups. Add your backups, choose your preferred storage, and you’re good to go!

No maintenance required

We make sure your backups run. If something needs your attention, we will let you know.

Top notch security

Encrypt your backups, store them on your server, nothing is stored outside of your infrastructure.

Flexible schedule

Timezone support. Super frequent scheduling. Calendar-like scheduling UI.Read more

360 backups coverage

Pair server snapshots with server and database backups for a bulletproof backup strategy.

Connect your own storage

Connect any cloud storage and securely store backups off-site or store them locally.Read more

Included storage

Store your backups on our dedicated and include SimpleStorage.Read more

Grant access to your customers

Grant access to your customers to the backups of their projects, while being in control.

Invite team members

Share access to anyone from your team.Read more

Reports & backup statistics

Get a weekly report of all your running backups as well as statistics on storage and resource consumption.

Built-in notifications

Email, Slack, Discord, PushOver, custom webhook notifications for all your backups.Read more

API & Automation

Get your backups integrated right into your application using our API, webhooks or backup triggers.Read more

Server backups made easy. Prevent data loss.

All your files and folders backed up, no maintenance required.

AES-256 Encryption

Secure your file backups using AES-256 encryption and your own key.Read more

Local & Cloud Storage

Store your backups locally or connect your preferred cloud storage provider.Read more

Incremental Backups

Back up only what matters, and optimize your backup file size by saving only when you’ve made changes.Read more

Flexible Schedule

Timezone support. Super frequent scheduling. Calendar-like scheduling UI.Read more

Backup Streaming

Stream upload file backups and upload them on the fly to save disk space during the backup process and benefit from the quicker chunked upload speed.

Symlink Advanced Support

In some cases you might want to avoid to back up symlinks, just check this option to get this handled.

Find & Restore

Easily navigate your server & database backups and restore what you need.Read more

SSH Tunneling

Built-in native SSH that allows you to set up and connect to your server without other tools.

Automate your database backups. Prevent data loss.

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis backups with ease.

MySQL backups

MySQL database backup

Create your MySQL backups from the comfort of a real UI. We leverage mysqldump to make, optimize, and recover your MySQL backups.Read more

PostgreSQL backups

PostgreSQL database backup

Create your PostgreSQL backups from the comfort of a real UI. We leverage pg_dump to make, optimize, and recover your PostgreSQL backups.Read more

MongoDB backups

MongoDB database backup

Create your MongoDB backups from the comfort of a real UI. We leverage mongodump to make, optimize, and recover your MongoDB backups.Read more

Backup all databases at once

Instead of backing up a single database, choose this option to back up all individual databases at once.

Uncompressed database backup

Store database backups uncompressed for a speedy restore. This will allow you to store each database dump as a separate file.

PostgreSQL Quick Export

Improved dump method to export smaller-sized dumps quicker, which could be quickly restored in parallel as well.

Server and Volume snapshots automated.
You're welcome.

Cross-provider snapshot solution for people that care

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Amazon Lightsail

Instance and Disk Snapshots

[object Object] backup


EC2 Instance & Volume Snapshots

[object Object] backup


Droplet & Volume Snapshots

[object Object] backup


Server Snapshots

[object Object] backup


Cloud VPS Snapshots

[object Object] backup


Server & Volume Snapshots

[object Object] backup


Storage Snapshots

[object Object] backup


Cloud Compute Snapshots

[object Object] backup

Linode (Akamai)

Instance Snapshots

[object Object] backup


Instance & Volume Snapshots

[object Object] backup


Instance & Volume Snapshots

Store your backups on S3-compliant storage.

Compatible with the best in class

Connect any of your cloud storage providers account and select what to back up and where to securely store it.
It's really simple, and is fully documented.
If your preferred cloud provider is not in the list just let us know!

Included SimpleStorage

SimpleBackups offers managed storage for users who want a storage solution out of the box.
SimpleStorage relies on Amazon AWS infrastructure, it is simple and built-in, no separate account required or credentials to input.

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Dropbox Storage

[object Object] backup

Amazon (AWS)


[object Object] backup


Google Cloud Storage

[object Object] backup


Google Drive

[object Object] backup


Backblaze B2

[object Object] backup


DigitalOcean Spaces

[object Object] backup


Object Storage

[object Object] backup



[object Object] backup

Microsoft Azure

Azure Blob Storage

[object Object] backup

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud OSS

[object Object] backup


Object Storage

[object Object] backup


Object Storage

[object Object] backup


Object Storage

[object Object] backup

IDrive e2

Object Storage

[object Object] backup


R2 Storage

[object Object] backup


Object Storage

[object Object] backup


Object Storage

[object Object] backup


Object Storage

[object Object] backup


Object Storage


Object Storage

[object Object] backup


Object Storage

Store your encrypted backups where you want and be GDPR compliant 🇪🇺.
You have the flexibility of storing backups in your region of choice and stick to your regulations and compliance rules.

What our users are saying

The simplest products are almost always the best, and this epitomises that. I highly recommend the team working on SimpleBackups.


Sidekick Digital

I did not want to install extra packages on my servers to do backups or sync to other cloud services (...). I tested SimpleBackups and ... bam it just works!

Chris Soriano

Clever Talks

Simplebackups has been a great tool for our web development company. We currently have over 200 backups setup across 60 different webservers - all running automated backups 👌!

Corby Wenzelbach

LS Graphics Inc.

SimpleBackups provides a much-needed backup solution for our critical databases. We run dozens of applications that have complex setups and privacy concerns, and SimpleBackups sync configuration are hands down the best on the market for complex setups.

Marco Taddei

App Developer - Fairfield Public Schools

SimpleBackups, as the name implies, is an excellent service that makes it very simple for you to automate your cloud storage backups. Easy to use, caring customer service. I would absolutely recommend it.

Mikko Raasina

CEO at Affordia Oy

Simple to use, affordable, good support. As the name implies, it's really easy to set up air-gapped (offsite) backups. We're backing up our RDS database in object-locked storage, especially as an emergency/ransomware backup scenario.

John A.

Founder, CTO

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