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  • High recurring commission. You will earn 15% commission every month your referred customer stays with us. Your earnings grow over time!
  • Offer value to your audience. Backing up websites and servers is crucial, yet it is easily forgotten or postponed many times. Having an effortless solution is golden and will save them a lot of time.
  • We listen to you. We will be in touch with you and we will take the feedback you get from your audience into consideration in order to improve our solution. We will make sure your audience recognize the quality of the solution you're referring.

Here are a few reasons why SimpleBackups is worth sharing

  • Backups Are Crucial.The risks are high and the cost is low to get properly protected, and with SimpleBackups it's now even ... simple!
  • Easy As 1-2-3.No complex setup, lots of buttons or forms, just a few clicks and your backups will be working smoothly. You can then forget about them and SimpleBackups will notify you if backups fail or if we predict an error.
  • Backup EVERY Project.We are technology agnostic, SimpleBackups works for all you projects! Whether your project is a Laravel app, a WordPress website, a Magento store, runs on Django or Ruby on Rails - SimpleBackups has got your covered.
  • Unified Backups Dashboard.Get an overview of all your projects' backups in one place. One central place to manage all your backups, forget about having to cross-check backups on different platforms and plugins.
  • Use Your Own Storage.Store your backups automatically on your own external storage or your included SimpleBackups free storage (AWS S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, and more...).
  • Backup Triggers.You can easily setup webhook to trigger backups from your application. This is perfect to integrate backups in a CI process for example.
  • Awesome Support.We are dedicated to give excellent support to all customers. You can reach us via chat every day between 9AM and 6PM.