Product update - Backups the nice way!

Published on September 11th, 2020

SimpleBackups founder

Islam Essam

Co-founder, SimpleBackups

In our effort to make SimpleBackups the easiest and most pleasing solution when it comes to websites & database backups, we've gathered your feedback and have (finally) released a first version of what you guys have requested.

So this version is 100% powered by our user's feedback, so thanks to all of you who have participated!

In this release, we focused on UI/UX and paved the way for more cool features.

✨ New look\
Thanks to all your feedback (special thanks to Jason) we've refreshed our UI with an easier navigation, less bloat and more consistency across all pages. This also paves the way for us to add more useful features down the road.

🎯 Quick actions & redesigned drop-downs\
We simplified the way to trigger any action and made it accessible from any listing as well as from the backup page.

📌 You now have a dashboard\
Quickly access main sections, create backups, view last activity and get a quick view on your plan usage.​

🔎 Refreshed backup page\
We've rebuilt this page from the ground up! All backup info with less click, and a clear action menu.

We have a lot more to release soon, this includes features as well as user experience improvements.

Stay tuned!

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