RunCloud backups just got better.

Hello RunCloud users, we know you've been looking for an alternative backup solution.

Why using
SimpleBackups with RunCloud?

  • we don't charge you based on the number of backups and storage
  • we don't limit database backup to MySQL or to the databases created via RunCloud
  • we allow much more backup options like "Backup all your databases at once"
  • stream your backups to your storage, no need for additional free space on your server
  • search for backups taken on certain date/time, no limitation
  • backup all the files and folders your want, not just the web app folder
  • store your backups where you want, meaning you're not bound to RunCloud or to SimpleBackups
  • store backups for any period of time, not limited to 1 single month

Backup your servers and databases

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Server Backup

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MySQL Backup

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PostgreSQL Backup

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MongoDB Backup

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Redis Backup

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Storage Backup

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SaaS App Backup

Some features we know you'll like

One-line setup

Add your servers and databases with just a few clicks.

Backup scheduling

Choose how often you want us to back up your files and databases, without compromise.

Quick recovery

Find and restore the backups you need. Restore them in batches or independently.

Incremental backups

Optimize your storage usage by only backing up the files that have changed.

Connect any storage

Connect your preferred storage provider, or host your backups with our native solution, SimpleStorage.

Workflow integration

Integrate your SimpleBackups files in your workflow with triggers, integrations, webhooks, or our API.

AES-256 Encryption

With built-in AES-256 backup encryption, file and database backups can only be decrypted by you.

Backup notifications

Get notified about the state of your backups through email, Slack, Discord, or Pushover.

Setup backups of your RunCloud managed servers

Set up and automate your first backup in less than 3 minutes.
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